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Headless Chicken Games

Game Development Studio in Tropical Costa Rica

We are a talented team of developers creating great and unique experiences, we hold a big passion for what we do and we believe that every day is a new chance to create something exciting.

Our Services

We offer the following services

Project Execution
Game Design
Game Programming
Art Production
  • Project Execution

    Full Projects / Project Supervision

    Creating a game is a hard thing, getting a team together, making sure everyone understands what needs to be done, and that they will have the passion to make it happen. We at Headless Chicken Games can make your life easier while we get your game idea from concept to golden. If you need a team to get a project done, or even to finish one. We are the perfect ones for the job.

  • Game Design

    Game Mechanics / Balance

    Designing a game takes into account all the aspects of the project. The experiences needs to be crafted in such way that the player will believe that he is visiting a different world. Creating a mechanic that is so fun that its very hard to stop trying it. Creating a challenge so rewarding that quitting is not an option. If you want your game designed as a truly unique experience, we are your team.

  • Game Programming

    Graphics / AI / Sound / Tools

    The technology under your game can make it or break, so you don't want to take any chances on this department. We use the latest techniques to ensure that your game has the best quality and performance possible. We adapt to your needs so you won't be limited when creating your latest project.

  • Art Production

    2D Assets / 3D Models / Animation / Rigging

    The small details are the things that can make a game go from average to outstanding, thats why at Headless Chicken Games, the art department crafts every asset, every texture every model and animation with the best tools and quality, that way your game will have a unique look that will make you stand over the rest. If your project is looking for genuine aesthetic that transform your concept into a reality, we got the team that can make it happen.


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