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July 20th, 2020

Nintendo Switch
Xbox One


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Cris Tales is a gorgeous, indie love letter to classic JRPGs with a new perspective. Peer into the past, act in the present, and watch as your choices dynamically change the future -- all on one screen as you play! Join the newly awakened Time Mage Crisbell and her fantastical companions on their journey across a dark, fairytale world facing a grim future.


We were in charge of the and ports of this JRPG, we supported the team and optimized everything to make sure that the experience was on par with PS5/XSX and PC. We helped with multiple implementations and features, like video, input management and the save system.


  • Submission Support
  • Console Optimization
  • General Engineering/Implementations
  • Final Release
  • Patching


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Selected Articles

  • ""On the other hand, Cris Tales feels remarkably fresh in its overall presentation, which is nothing short of astounding.""
    - Mitch Vogel, Nintendo Life

About Headless Chicken Games

We're a games studio based in Costa Rica focused on creating new experiences for console, mobile and the PC/Mac platforms.We believe that a great experience can come in any form, where gameplay and aesthetics converge to create something mesmerizing.

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CrisTales Credits

JP Monge
Creative Director, Headless Chicken Games

Sergio Fernandez
Gameplay Programmer, Headless Chicken Games

Max Rodriguez
Additional Programming

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