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September 2017

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Pause Play Stop, is a first person exploration game. Inspired by the likes of Dear Esther, Gone Home and Ether One with a twist of Portal (environmental puzzles) Pause Play Stop is a mix between storytelling and imaginative game mechanics. Players will step into the shoes of non traditional characters and use a magic cassette player to change the world around them. Players will explore, create and find new ways to solve the puzzles and find their back to the ones once lost. Santiago's Episode will be available for project Morpheus and will give players a completely different take on the world of Pause Play Stop.


Being able to put a personal story into an experience is a gamble. But this is one that we thought people will enjoy. The Latin-American culture is somewhat different, it has its ups and downs, but it's something that makes us proud. We feel that Pause Play Stop allows us to give a game that you couldn't get anywhere else. Our songs are custom made by our composer so that they show the effect that we want in the world in every single note. The characters are based in people that have been part of our lives, people that exist, or existed and are long gone. And the way that we picture the world, the uniqueness of this world that shows how the mind works, how the physiology of the brain behaves in certain situation where your life is at risk, this will sure leave the players wanting to see more of the world of Pause Play Stop. Being able to create puzzles that can be solved in different ways by combining different songs allow the players to develop unique solutions for each puzzle, inviting them to think of their own strategies to go through the game. And giving them a very detailed world invites the player to discover every corner in the levels of pause play stop. Pause Play Stop is a one of a kind game because it takes you into the world, it doesn't abandon you, but it gives you the freedom to enjoy it by your own means.


  • Unique music changes the world around the player
  • World like a painting, a combination of shaders that make the world look as if it was painted
  • A unique story that could only be created by a Latin-American team
  • An inmersive world, details are hidden everywhere in the world of Pause Play Stop
  • An adventure that will change your heart



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We're a games studio based in Costa Rica focused on creating new experiences for console, mobile and the PC/Mac platforms.We believe that a great experience can come in any form, where gameplay and aesthetics converge to create something mesmerizing.

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Let Me Go Credits

JP Monge
Creative Director, Headless Chicken Games

Diego Paut
Art Director, Headless Chicken Games

Thomas Wilson
Composer, Headless Chicken Games

Josue Soto
Programmer, Headless Chicken Games

Mariela Montoya
Artist, Headless Chicken Games

Jose Vargas
Artist, Headless Chicken Games

John Zurhellen
Writer, Freelancer

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